We're searching for the craziest, the coolest, the most imaginative classrooms!

We're searching for the craziest, the coolest, the most imaginative classrooms!

By Tyler Dahlgren

I stumbled upon this blog Click Here! while doing some intense Monday morning perusing of the interwebs, and it had me thinking back to some of the classrooms I sat in growing up.

The science room with Styrofoam planets dangling from the ceiling, periodic table placemats and graduated cylinders (I had to Google to confirm what those things were called, science was never my thing) all over the place.

The journalism room with archived newspapers dating back more than 30 years filling the filing cabinets next to the (now archaic-looking) Apple desktops where I’d spin around on those super-comfortable reclining chairs while hunt and peck typing out another column on why Bill Callahan’s system would never fit in Lincoln. Nailed that one, for what it’s worth.

I was a student at Arbor Park Elementary School in Blair, and this awesome I Love Public Schools feature on Mrs. Kay Dickinson was pretty nostalgic. Not because I was ever an overly-gifted musical talent (I wasn’t), but because the atmosphere Mrs. Dickinson has created in her room is one that sticks with the students that fill it each day. You can feel it through the screen

WATCH: Click Here!

Classrooms are a home away from home, for students and teachers. And I don’t want to intrude on your summers, which are in full swing, but classroom decorating time is fast approaching.

NPSA is looking for five of the coolest, the craziest, the most imaginative classrooms in Nebraska, and we need your help to find them. We will feature those rooms in a five-part series we’re going to call, well, “Crazy Cool Classrooms”.

Know a creative teacher who transforms their space into something beyond a run-of-the-mill classroom? Do you go all out in turning an ordinary classroom into a uniquely awesome learning environment?

Shoot us an email at News@NCSA.org, or comment on the link you clicked to get here!