Share Your School's Successes!

Share Your School's Successes!

Six weeks ago, I started this journey of storytelling at NPSA with an idea of the kind of content I hoped to produce and a vision for what the website would eventually look like.

Thanks to a few incredible story subjects, NPSA’s partnership with Nebraska Loves Public Schools, and heavy interaction from our rapidly-growing contingent of readers, NPSA has gained a lot of traction in a short amount of time, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the feature stories and learning about the successes happening in Nebraska’s public schools.

There is no shortage of wonderful stories throughout the state, and the more story leads we receive the better. Our NCSA Ambassadors do a great job of collecting story tips when they are out on the road presenting, and our public schools deserve the recognition for going above and beyond to give their students the best educational experience possible.

Through our partnership with the brilliant filmmakers at Nebraska Loves Public Schools, this new form, which will allow you to float your story our way, was created. We know great things are happening in your district, so here’s your chance to tell us all about it. Just click on the link below!


Share your story!